Michigan digital marketing degree programs


University of Michigan - Dearborn | Digital Marketing Major

The first Michigan digital marketing degree program we will look at is at The University of Michigan-Dearborn.  UM-Dearborn launched its Digital Marketing Degree in Fall 2011, and at the time, it was one of only two other digital marketing programs in the country.  As smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices become more widely used, businesses are changing the ways they reach consumers.  This major teaches students skills that will allow them to thrive in the digital world we live in.

Required courses for this major include:

  • MKT 363 - Digital Consumer Search and Marketing
  • MKT 454 - Marketing Research
  • MKT 455 - E-tailing and Retailing
  • MKT 458 - Communications Strategy and New Media
  • MKT 463 - Digital Analytics and Content

Students are also able to choose two courses from the following to complete their degree requirements:

  • DS 310 - Data Mining for Business Intelligence
  • MKT 382 - Understanding Consumers
  • MKT 402 - Marketing Management
  • MKT 457 - Global Marketing and Consumer Culture
  • MKT 460 - Digital Communication Strategy
  • ITM 321 - Database Systems I
  • ITM 371 - Managing Electronic Commerce Systems
  • ITM 382 - Advanced Computer Applications

UM-Dearborn also offers a degree program in Information Technology Management, and students are encouraged to add this as a second major.  Many of the required courses for both degrees overlap, and adding a second major can help students stand out and make them more qualified as they search for jobs post-graduation.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn College of Business has also been recently recognized as a Best Business School by the Princeton Review for the ninth consecutive year.  The Princeton review noted that this university offers an "unbeatable triumvirate of value, location and name brand".  For more information about this award check out this article.